Why Digital Marketing Internship from Digital Deepak -10 Strongest Reasons to Join it Today

Digital Marketing is getting popular nowadays especially during Covid 19 situation because many people are looking for Digital Marketing Internship to start doing Digital Freelancing so that they can earn using this skill in their spare time and also business owners are also looking for Digital Marketers and freelancers who can help them in reviving their business and improve sales.

Therefore the Digital Marketing industry has opened a lot of opportunities for everyone who wishes to pursue a career in this field. So, learning and implementing digital marketing is the primary focus for pursuing a career in this field.

The Basic theoretical knowledge of various modules of digital marketing is easily available on the Internet either for free or with a few bucks, but practical exposure to actually applying those tactics is the most crucial part if you would like to be called a Digital Marketer.
Though there are a lot of online courses that teach about various modules of Digital Marketing but the research says that there are only 5-7% of people who actually complete an online course.

This is why people are not able to execute things right away and hence they struggle.
Now, this is a serious problem and the solution to this is Digital Marketing Internship. Though there are a lot of people offering Digital Marketing Internship but still they are not as perfect as Digital Deepak Internship.

Who is Digital Deepak?

Digital Deepak

Deepak Kanakaraju is publically known as “Digital Deepak” is one of the leading digital marketing experts in India who paced his digital marketing journey with the motorcycle blog.

He was also a columnist at Enterpreneur.com and Yourstory. He has more than 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing and is the co-founder of PixelTrack Digital.

He started his career back in 2008 from the motorcycle blog and then he marked his journey by shaping into digital marketing and now mentoring more than 10000 students. He is on a mission to create 1 million successful Digital Marketers in India. You can check Digital Deepak Reviews

Moreover, his blog digitaldeepak.com is ranked as one of the top 10 digital marketing blogs in India.

Why is Digital Marketing Internship from Digital Deepak the best choice?

The Digital Marketing Internship Program by Deepak Kanakraju (a.k.a Digital Deepak Internship Program) is the best internship program available in the market because of the 10 Strongest Reasons:

  1. The Internship Program is very well structured with 12 different modules of Digital Marketing and 4 Bonus Modules.
  2. This is the 16 Weeks Internship Program with Cashback Model (will explain later in the article)
  3. This Program is dedicated to make you a T-shaped Digital Marketer
  4. This Internship is for everyone – Students, Professionals and Entrepreneurs
  5. This Program is action-oriented – You will be learning by doing
  6. This Program is for Beginners & Intermediates and does not require any prior knowledge about Digital Marketing
  7. This Internship can be done from home as it is an Online Internship Program
  8. This Internship is Technically free for Action Takers
  9. This Internship opens the door for many opportunities like Affiliate Marketing, Digital Freelancing, Digital Mentoring, Natural Sales, Marketing Automation, etc.
  10. This Internship is designed in such a way that it will push you to take action and will change your current state and take you to the desired state

I am an intern of the Batch 4 of Digital Deepak Internship Program and I have seen people who are looking for feedback about Digital Deepak Internship. So, I decided to write down this honest, detailed and unbiased Digital Deepak internship review and help out aspirants to choose the right Digital Marketing Internship Program.

Through this article, I am trying to cover all the details about the Digital Deepak internship program and I am sharing my journey in the internship so far.

Batch 4 is now in week 11 of the Internship Program (at the time of writing this review)

Topics to discuss for Digital Deepak Internship Program

  1. What is the Digital Marketing Internship Program by Digital Deepak
  2. Structure of the Digital Deepak Internship
  3. What I learned from Digital Deepak Internship Program
  4. Digital Deepak Internship Fees Structure
  5. Pros and Cons of Digital Deepak Internship
  6. Commonly Asked Questions for Digital Deepak Internship
  7. Verdict

1. What is Digital Marketing Internship Program by Digital Deepak?

Digital Deepak Internship
The Digital Deepak internship program is one of the greatest ideas of Deepak Kanakaraju (a.k.a. Digital Deepak), one of the finest digital marketing experts in India. Deepak is a very well known digital marketing author, speaker, and consultant from Bangalore India.
This digital marketing internship is a little bit different from other internships available in the market. It’s a blend of a course and internship.

If you’re inquisitive about digital marketing and want to become competent in digital marketing then you need practical exposure to the tactics of the Digital Marketing Industry. This Internship Program of Digital Marketing by Deepak Kanakraju mainly focuses on the implementation of theoretical learning, and the best part about this digital marketing internship program is that it is technically free for Action Takers.

This is a paid internship where you need to pay Digital Deepak a certain amount as a refundable deposit in order to enrol in this program. But this deposit will be divided by the total no. of weeks of the internship program and you will get it back in the form of cashback once you do the assignment every week and it gets approved.

You will be getting full assistance in completing the assigned tasks for every week. Generally, Deepak and his team members take 2-3 live sessions and there will also be a community of co-interns and mentors who will help you out in every possible way.
On completion of the Internship program, you’ll also get a certificate from Digital Deepak.

2. Structure of the Digital Deepak Internship

Modules of Digital Deepak Internship

This internship is structured as a 12-week program (currently with batch 4, it might change in future batches) where Interns will get video lessons every week from Digital Deepak followed by an Assignment explanation session but Q and A session is taken by Team Digital Deepak.

The assignment task is based on those video lessons and the assignment is to be completed within 7 days.
In general, there are 3 sessions in one week:

  • Video Premiere
  • Assignment Explanation
  • Q and A

But in some of the weeks, you may get additional video content related to topics of the main video content of a particular week.

3. What I learned from Digital Deepak Internship Program

I am the Intern of batch 4 and our batch is at week 11 of the internship(at the time of writing this article). I have learned a lot from this Internship so far and I can say that no Digital Marketing Internship Program available in the market teaches such Deep concepts like Digital Deepak. He is a pure gem and a very nice hearted human being and he always supports his student to get out of the comfort zone, because the success lies there only when you do things differently.

I am sharing my journey so far of this Digital Marketing Internship program in detail with you so that you can decide action steps yourself.

Week 1: Success Mindset

This was the mindset changing week which taught me to think differently, set high standards for yourself, keep a positive mindset, dream big, how to be more productive & measure everything that you do, and lastly how diet & exercise can be the most essential to keep you active all-day.

Success Mindset
My favourite part from Assignment 1:
When we were asked to write the future version of ourself i.e. where you like to be after the next 5 years. This task helped us to get some clarity and future vision about our goals in life and this activity has made us analyse of what is our current state and where we want to go. It helped us to start working on the path of achieving our goals from Week 1.

Another interesting activity that we did was the Online Personality Test where we came to know more about ourself and the best thing did by Digital Deepak was the creation of a Whatsapp group of similar personality people. This has made us comfortable to interact and discuss with those interns who are kind of same in nature and who have a similar thought process.

Week 2: Law of Marketing 

This week was focused on Marketing Fundamentals and I learned some in-depth concepts related to marketing, communication, economics, traditional vs digital marketing, integrated digital marketing, CATT Funnel, etc. Marketing is a very wide subject in itself and marketing starts even before creating a product/service. In-depth research on understanding your customers is the most effective way of making suitable products/services available.

My favourite part from Assignment 2:
When we were asked to write a 1000 words article on our learning from this week’s video and publish it on one of the online platforms such as Medium or LinkedIn. This task pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and publish my first ever article to gain some practical exposure of what is Content Writing and how to create content and it is one of the most important modules of digital marketing. My co-interns and I have written more than 1000 words in their article for the first time in our life. It was a great feeling.

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Week 3: Discovering Your Profitable Niche 2.0

This week was all about discovering the profitable niche which is the most typical aspect for any Digital Marketer. I learned that niche must be based on talent, passion & market needs. I discovered how to choose a unique niche that suits customer needs. Priorities & needs of the customers are dynamic and keep on changing, so one should keep on adding variations by learning something new & stack multiple skill sets.

Niche Clarity
My favourite part from Assignment 3:
When we Created Our Customer Avatar. This was a very exciting exercise we did, where we did the customer survey to figure out what our ideal should be like and also crafted our Elevator Pitch.

Week 4: Creating Your WordPress Blog

This week was a bit technical because this week we went ahead and created our own online presence by setting up a WordPress Blog. In this week I learned about the Importance of having a website, how to choose the right domain name, connecting domain name & hosting, how to customize our website, installing WordPress plugins, installing WordPress themes, how to connect google analytics and google search console, how to do website indexing- all of this was covered which is a very crucial part of digital marketing internship.

My favourite part from Assignment 4:
When we were asked to do set up the WordPress blog and explore different customisation and experienced powerful uses of WordPress Plugins. I really had a good time doing this assignment and  I felt that I made the right decision of doing Digital Marketing Internship from Digital Deepak.

Week 5: Becoming the King of Content

This week was really creative as we went ahead and learned about Content Creation. I learned that Content Creation is the first step of the funnel and important aspect for every Digital Marketer. Serving the right content in front of the right audience at right time is very crucial if you want to bring leads to the funnel. Content should be attention catchy to keep readers hooked and they should like to come back to your website. Creating content regularly & adding some variations to it is a key step to success.


My favourite part from Assignment 5: When we were asked to create video content on any topic related to our niche. This was really challenging task as it we have to literally come out in front of the camera and start to talk on the topic. When I published my first ever video on youtube and got overwhelming responses. I felt great about it and that has again made me realised that this digital marketing internship is the right choice that I have taken.

You can check my Video on Youtube 
I also wrote an article on this topic and you can check it also – How to choose the Best Product in a Specific Category

Week 6: Social Media & Networking Mastery

This week was focused on creating our own tribe along with the effective utilisation of social media. This was a very unique week and what deep learned we had can be pre-assumed from a digital marketing internship program. I learned that for reaching out to the audience, the complete dependence on social media is not favourable. I also learned how to build like-minded audiences together, how to build our troop, nurture our network by creating engaging content, conduct webinars to deliver more information about our product/services, make these people a part of your email list by creating a landing page.

Social Media
My favourite part from Assignment 6:
When we were asked o conduct a live webinar using a Video meeting app on any topic in our niche with a minimum of 3 participants in the meeting. The assignment has further pushed me out of our comfort zone as I had a great time doing it. This is why this digital marketing internship is the masterstroke from Digital Deepak.

Week 7: Lead Generation & Email Marketing

This week was all about generating leads and how to do email marketing. In this week, I learned about what are leads & what are not leads, the importance of B2B leads, tools to find B2B leads, the importance of B2C leads, tools to create a landing page, and how to integrate a lead magnet to bring customers to a funnel.

Lead Generation

My favourite part from Assignment 7: When we were asked to generate B2B leads. This was the most challenging assignment for most of the interns including me. I literally gave my best and pitched my freelance content writing services. I got a reply from a lead asking me to show some of my writing work. I showed some of the articles that I had published on my blog as well as some of the articles that I published on other online platforms as a part of the previous week’s assignment.

The person got impressed and gave me the project to write 5 articles of 2000 words. This was the moment when I again felt proud of my decision of doing Digital marketing Internship from Digital Deepak.

Week 8: Mastering Facebook Ads 

This week was all about driving paid traffic to our blog or landing page using Facebook Ads. I had a great experience going through this week because I learned how to create a Facebook ads account, how to create our first traffic ad & the first conversion ad. The only problem that I and many other interns faced was that our Facebook accounts were getting banned because of Facebook’s Policy was in up-gradation phase and almost every third intern had faced this issue. But this time again Digital Deepak came ahead and supported interns by giving some more time to complete the assignment and then all the things were sorted.

facebook ads
My favourite part from Assignment 8:
When we were asked to create custom conversion Ad. By the time, I was able to create my first digital product – Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals – 21 Days Email Course. So, I went ahead and promoted my digital product’s landing page through Facebook ads and boom I got 5 sales. I was very happy and yet again I was proud of my decision to join this digital marketing internship program and proud of being called intern of Digital Deepak internship.

Week 9: Mastering Google Ads 

This week was all about driving paid traffic to our blog, landing page or Youtube using Google Ads. I felt that Google Ads are a little bit of complex in nature but not tough. I learned how to create a Google ads account. how to Create our first search ad, find keywords & search terms, how to Create Video Ad & Smart Display Campaigns.

Google Ads
My favourite part from Assignment 9:
When we were asked to Create Search Ad, Video Ad & Display Ad Campaign. I had a mix of experience my Video Ad campaign went very well and Cost per view was less than 50 paise but for search ad cost per click was more than 15 Rs.
Digital Deepak who has spent more than 10 crores on Ads says that cost per leads in google ads can be brought down if we run ads constantly with daily low budget. This module is bit complex which other digital mentors don’t teach in their digital marketing internship program.

Week 10: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This week was all out driving search traffic by optimising our blog. I learned about how to do On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO techniques, why do we need search traffic, how do search engine works & how it helps in making money, Basic knowledge about keyword and keyword research tools.
My favourite part from Assignment 10: When we were asked to write an SEO optimised article of at least 1000 words on any topic related to our niche. I really enjoyed writing this article – 5 Best IFB Microwave Oven – Demand for every modern kitchen and the targeted keyword is IFB Microwave oven.

I feel that this is one of the most important modules of digital marketing internship. Everyone should focus on this module because it has long term benefits.

Week 11: Deep Marketing Automation 

This week was all about doing Deep Marketing on Automation. This was a very deep concept and no other digital marketing internship teaches about Personalised Marketing Concepts. Deep Marketing is the future of Marketing and it has a huge opportunity which is untapped at this point in time. Digital Deepak has a mastery on this Module more than any other modules. I feel that he is the only digital marketer in India as far as I know who do such kind of Personalised Marketing.

Deep Marketing Automation

My favourite part from Assignment 11: 
When we were asked to craft a conditional sequence of the personalised message by using different fields that were entered by our leads in the survey form. In this assignment, we collected responses from our leads by asking them multiple choice question and based on their responses, personalised emails sent to them through Automation. This is something which you won’t find in other digital marketing internship programs offered in the market.

Week 12: Sales and Copywriting

{Batch 4 is yet to reach on Week 12 and I will update this sequence once I complete the week 12 of this Digital Marketing Internship Program}

This Digital marketing internship does not end here. Still there 4 additional weeks to go which will cover the following topics

  • Personal Branding & Dream Job
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Freelancing
  • Digital Marketing

4. Digital Deepak Internship Fee Structure

If you want to become a part of this digital marketing internship program then you have to pay a certain amount and that will be revealed in the launch webinar. All you need to do is to fill out the Application Form for Digital Deepak Internship Program and wait for the launch webinar.

Digital Deepak Internship Fees
This digital marketing internship is technically free for the action takers as you will get your money back in the form of cashback every week after your assignment approval. Also, there is a lot of other bonus which Digital Deepak would give and it is different for every batch. Bonus includes Premium Themes and Plugins, Discounts of Digital Marketing Tools, Special discounts of other courses and products of Digital Deepak. This is something that you won’t find easily in other digital marketing internship programs.

5. Pros and Cons of Digital Deepak Internship

As I am in the last phase of this digital marketing internship program from Digital Deepak, it is my duty to share the pros and cons of Digital Deepak Internship. There are so many good things about this digital marketing internship but nothing is perfect in this world. There are a few areas where there is a scope of improvement.
Let’s find out the good things about this digital marketing internship program first and later we will look at what are those few areas where there is a scope of improvement.

Pros and Cons

  • Lifetime access to Digital Deepak’s Learning Management System
  • Reward on completing the assigned task every week
  • Lifetime Access to Digital Deepak Tribe
  • Certification from Pixel Track Digital after Internship completion
  • Doubt session every week after Main Video of the particular week
  • Special offers and discounts on Digital Deepak courses and products for Interns


  • This Digital Marketing Internship has a Lack of Job Assistance
  • Fear of Money Loss if assignment not submitted within the deadline

6. Commonly Asked Questions for Digital Deepak Internship

  • Digital Deepak is giving away all the money in the form of Cashback, then how does Digital Deepak make a profit from the Internship?
    According to Digital Deepak, the profit margin is very very less because more than 90% of people are doing assignments properly within the specified deadline and rejection rate of less than 10%. But Deepak has a lot of other sources of income to easily operate this internship program.
  • I am a working professional. Can I still join this Internship program?
    Everyone who is either student or working professional, Entrepreneur or Retired Person, Housemaker or Senior Citizen can join this program. If anyone could not able to attend the live session, still you can get a recording of the sessions and can do assignments. 
  • I am in my final year of Graduation. Should I join this internship after my final examinations?
    Digital Marketing is a skill set which does not require any degree to learn it. The only thing you need is a laptop with an internet connection and a basic knowledge of operating a computer. 
  • What are the extra costs involved apart from the Internship fees?
    The extra costs include spending on your website/blog on WordPress (the cost of domain name + hosting is less than ₹2000) and later for Facebook Ads and Google Ads  around ₹400-500 
  • Will I get a job in a Digital Marketing Company after this Internship?
    Getting a Job totally depends on the efforts that you will put in this digital marketing internship and how seriously you learn and implement the modules of Digital Marketing. However, this digital marketing internship does not guarantee a job, still many people got jobs after learning from Digital Deepak Internship.

7. Verdict

As an intern of this Digital Marketing Internship,  I have shared my own experience and understanding of this program with you. I have taken many online courses but this digital marketing internship program has been the most creative and interesting program for me because I have actually implemented my learnings and this is what Digital Deepak internship focuses. Also, the excitement of getting the fees back in the form of cashback reward has motivated me to take action and experience the desired results.

As I have already mentioned earlier in this review about the 10 strongest reasons to do Digital Marketing Internship from Digital Deepak, but at the same time I have told you the areas where improvement needs to be done.

Still, I strongly recommend you to go out and do the digital marketing internship from Digital Deepak. The fees will be increased in the upcoming batches, so I advise you to join this internship as soon as possible.

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