SEO Content Writing Made Simple: What You Need to Know

In Today’s era, Businesses have understood the importance of content as more and more people are now on the internet and hence educating and informing the people about the products and services of the business have become crucial.

Now, everyone out there selling something online uses content marketing to draw the attention of potential customers. Content Writing helps to educate, inform, entertain, motivate, inspire, convince or persuade a specific set of audience. 

SEO Content Writing is a skill where a content writer writes down a piece of content and targets some sets of keywords in order to make it search engine friendly. 

Why SEO Content Writing is Crucial?

It is now a very common thing that if you want to rank in google you need awesome content which is optimised thoroughly according to the search engines as well as the content should be able to solve user queries. 

SEO Content Writing is thereby a combination of valuable content along with on page optimisation. 

SEO Content Writing = Valuable Content + On Page Optimisation 

Only high-quality content is not enough if it is not targeted through the use of specific keywords.
Targeting the right keywords with awesome quality content will be necessary to rank in google.

How to write SEO friendly content?

You will be surprised to know that SEO Content writing comes in place before writing the first word. Because if you want to leverage Content Marketing to scale up your business, you need to write about those topics which your target audience may look for. 

If you do it this way, then the whole process becomes much easier to perform.

You should do some research and come up with the questions or problems that your target customers have. 

You can find out those questions or problems on sites like quora.com, reddit.com but this takes a good amount of time and energy.

To help you do this research under one roof, you can try some awesome tools like Alsoasked.com, AnswerThePublic.com

This way you can get ideas for the topics for your SEO-focused content.

You can find ideas on Wikipedia, there you can find a bunch of topics from its table of content. It can be considered as a goldmine of content ideas for a relative topic.

You can also check out related articles through tools like BuzzSumo, Ahrefs Content Explorer, etc.

After collecting relative ideas for the topic that you want to write on, the next big thing is targeting the right set of keywords.

Keywords are the most important factors that decide your success in the game of SEO.

Using the correct combination of primary, secondary and LSI keywords in your article makes it google friendly. 

In general, there are basically 3 types of keywords, 

  • Short Tail Keywords :- Single word Phrase (e.g:- T-shirts)
  • Mid Tail Keywords :- 2-3 word phrases (e.g:- Blue T-shirts)
  • Long Tail Keywords :- 4-5 words phrases (e.g:- Blue American apparel T-shirt)

Short  Tail Keywords generally have high search volume but also have very high competition. Here the intent of the visitor is not very much clear. 

Mid Tail Keywords generally have moderate search volume and moderate to high competition. Here the intent of the visitor is quite clear.

Long Tail Keywords generally have lower search volume and lesser competition. Here the intent of the visitor is crystal clear.

Long Tail Keywords are easy to rank and can be capitalised to bring in initial traffic on the website or blog. 

Once you start getting initial traffic and start ranking for long tail keywords, then slowly you can compete for transactional keywords or buyer keywords.

Businesses can leverage free search traffic through content. Because Content is the King in the game of SEO.

By putting out right form of content, Businesses have been able to achieve certain goals such as :

  • Spread Awareness about their business among potential customers
  • Able to provide best suitable products and services that are required by their potential customers
  • Able to understand buyer’s philosophy and buying journey 
  • Able to create funnels by understanding customer avatar
  • Driving customers through various stages of the journey such as Awareness, Consideration, Buying
  • Able to double and triple their sales and also able to bring recurring sales

I hope you have understood the need of SEO Content Writing as a powerful thing to use as a part of scaling up your business.

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