Find out Best Product with 10 Easy Steps

How to choose the Best Product in a Specific Category

We are now living in the Digital Age generation and all the information out there in the world is now just a google search away.
Nowadays, everybody wants to know more and more about a product before buying it. But, people have a lack of pro guidance on how to choose the best product in a specific category.

This causes confusion in consumers among several products of a specific category and consumer is not able to choose the best product in a specific category.

In this article, I will share a cool and simple guide with you which will help you eventually to choose the best product from the list of products in a specific price category. I highly recommend you to follow this guide step by step to get the maximum output at the end.

To make things easier and understandable, I have created a simple Mind-map of this guide.

Let’s have a look at it and find out how can we choose the best product in a specific category.

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This Mind-map is explaining the 10 step guide to choose the best product in a specific category. Let us explore these steps in-depth:

Step1: Determine the Need of the Product

The first step is to determine the need for the product. For Example – You want to purchase a laptop then you have to determine why do you need a laptop.

There may be a chance that you are a student and you may need a laptop for doing college assignments, creating and saving documents, watching videos, web browsing, etc.

Another possibility is that if you are a professional – like an office employee, a blogger or a content creator, etc. then you may need a laptop that can run some professional software and allows you to do multitasking without lagging.

Moreover, If you are a Video Editor, Draughtsman, Designer or any other professional then you may need a higher configuration laptop according to that specific use.

Step2: Determine the Budget

The second step is to determine your budget. After you have chosen your need then you have to choose your budget category. For example – you want a laptop for normal use then have to choose your budget. It may be a low budget, medium budget or high budget.

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Step3: Find out the Variant needed

Find out the variant needed

The third step is to find out which variant of the product is suitable according to your need and the budget. You may choose the Lower Variant or Higher Variant of the product.

Step4: Map out the Attributes

Map out the Attributes

The fourth step is to map out all the attributes that are available in the product of a specific price category. For Example – Let say you are going to buy a laptop between 30K – 40K price range, then you need to map out what kind of design quality, build quality and features you will get in a laptop in the price range of 30K – 40K.

This is a very important aspect in selecting the best product in a list of similar price category products.

Step5: Checkout the Product Specifications

Checkout the Product Specs

The fifth step is to check out the product specification. This is a very crucial step as this will create a foundation for choosing the best product from the list of products. In this step, you can check the features of the product as well as its Pros and Cons.

Step6: Check the Reviews and Verdict

Check the reviews and verdict

The sixth step is to check the reviews and verdict about the product. For reviews, you can check the User Experience and Ratings of the product.

Users who are already using that product usually write the reviews and their experience with the product and this may be a great help in choosing the best product from the list. You can also check FAQ’s to know more about the product and clarify your doubts if any.

Step7: Check the Price of the Product

Check the Product Price

The seventh step is to check the price of the product. You can check the price of the product at Amazon, Flipkart and other Online Stores where the product is available.

Step8: Check the Product Warranty and Serviceability

The eighth step is to check the product warrant and its serviceability. Some of the products stand out in the market because of the warrant and serviceability that they offer to the consumers.

The product may be offering short term warranty as long as 3 – 6 months, or the mid term warranty as long as 1 – 2 years, or maybe the long term warranty as long 3 – 5 years or more.

Step9: Choose final two Products using step 1-8

Choose final two products

The ninth step is to choose the final two products using steps 1 – 8 in order to decide the best out of these two products.

Step10: Compare the final two Best Products

Compare final two products

The last and final tenth step is to compare the final two products which were chosen by you in the last step. You need to compare these two products on the basis of Price Points, Spec and Attributes.

After following all the steps of this cool and simple guide in sequence, you will be able to come up with the final and the best choice. In this manner, you can choose the Best Product in a Specific Category.

That’s it from this article, I hope that this article has made your journey of finding the best product in a specific category easier now. I would like to know about your question or any suggestions in the comment box.

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